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State License # 2876

How It Works?

The State of California requires that all drivers pass both a written and driving test before being issued a Drivers License. Students under 18 years old are required to take a Classroom or Online Drivers Education Course in addition to 6 hours of Behind the Wheel Training. Upon completion of the Drivers Ed and Behind the Wheel Training, students are issued certificates of completion required by the California DMV. Students must be 15 1/2 to obtain the permit and 16 to obtain the license.

Steps to Getting a California Driver's License:

1. Register & Complete a Classroom or Online  Drivers Education Course & Receive Certificate of Completion

2. Take the written test at DMV and receive the Instruction Permit.

3. Enroll for the 6-hour driver training course.

4. After the first lesson with the instructor, practice with parents at least 50 hours   (10 hours of which should be at night).

5. Complete 3 two-hour driving sessions with the driving school.

6. Schedule a Driving Test with the DMV after a period of six months.